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Jeopardy! Champion Amy Hummel Notches Five Consecutive Wins

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Amy Hummel is now a five-game Jeopardy! champion with an impressive total of $100,994 in winnings!

“I don’t think it’s real,” Amy said, discussing her winning streak. “[It feels] like I’m going to wake up, and I’m going to come in for my first day.” 

Amy, an ER doctor from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, scored her fifth win on Tuesday after taking down Bryan Carrasco and Laura Bligh with a score of $15,200. 

Tuesday’s game was a fight until the end that all came down to Final Jeopardy! Heading into the round, Amy and Laura were tied in first-place with $7,600; while Bryan sat in second place with $3,200. 

But after going all-in on her wager and providing the correct response of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Amy doubled her score and won the game. Laura finished in second place with a score of $7,600, and Bryan took third place with a score of $6,398. 

With her latest victory, Amy has earned automatic entry into the next Tournament of Champions. 

“My big dream was to win one game and then be able to go home saying that I had won a game,” Amy said of qualifying for the ToC. “This was not on the table whatsoever.” 

While Amy admitted to host Ken Jennings that she has not watched a ToC, she already has a game plan for how she will prepare to compete in the elite tournament.

“I’ll probably go back and watch some prior Tournaments of Champions,” Amy said. “And then keep doing what I was doing, which was a 300,000 question flashcard deck.”

In addition to preparing for the ToC, Amy has also begun planning how she will spend her Jeopardy! winnings. 

“It’s still less than my student loan balance, so a large chunk is going to be going to that,” the five-game champ said. “I’ll [also] probably donate some and go on a nice trip.” 

Amy will go up against Weckiai Rannila and Nils Cousin in her sixth game on Wednesday.