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Megan Wachspress Wins Five Consecutive Games, Qualifies for Next Tournament of Champions

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The roster for the next Tournament of Champions continues to heat up with the latest addition of five-game champion Megan Wachspress. 

Megan, an attorney from Berkeley, California, won her fifth consecutive game on Monday, qualifying her for a spot in the upcoming tournament. The five-game champ has earned a total of $52,002 in winnings, so far.

“It’s been so fun,” Megan said. “I’m really excited that I get to keep playing, that’s one of the best parts of winning.”

During her fifth game, Megan proudly sported a llama pin, a special nod to the online trivia league she belongs to, LearnedLeague. 

“The LL means that the folks who are involved often call themselves llamas,” Megan explained. “They will occasionally make an appearance on Jeopardy! I thought it would be a nice shout-out… so they could feel like one of their own was on the TV.”

Last Wednesday, Megan kicked off her streak when she defeated six-game champion Eric Ahasic. 

“I had seen him just beat a longtime champ,” Megan said. “So, I knew anything was possible. [I] just tried to focus on the questions.”

Megan and Eric could potentially face off again in the next Tournament of Champions, as they compete against some of the biggest legends in Jeopardy! history, including Matt Amodio, Amy Schneider, and Mattea Roach.

“What’s the line from Wayne’s World? ‘I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy,’” Megan said jokingly. “I’m thrilled and looking forward to it.”