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Behind the Scenes: Shooting Clues With David Muir

by Brett Schneider, Jeopardy! Producer

JEOPARDY! has a strong relationship with a wide range of news outlets, so it was a natural fit for us to work with David Muir, Anchor and Managing Editor of ABC World News Tonight.

We had previously done a category with David in 2014 called “David Muir Reporting” focusing on the many news stories he had covered in his career. 

Everyone at Jeopardy! and ABC News was very happy with the way that category played, so once David had spent a little over a year in the anchor chair, we decided it was time to revisit him at ABC and focus on this year’s political stories that are so in the news. Hence, the birth of “David Muir Covers Politics”.

A couple of months ago, we caught up with David on the set of ABC World News Tonight, but we had to work VERY quickly. They were using the studio for another broadcast less than 40 minutes after we started. But, pros being pros, David nailed the clues, and we all were out of the studio before the next show. As you can see from this “behind the scenes picture,” one way we saved time was to not make David change his shoes - well, boots - since we were only shooting him from the waist up!

You’ll see more clues about the election this May when we present our Power Players shows from Washington D.C.