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Matt Amodio Owns No. 2 Spot for Consecutive Games Won

With his 33rd straight victory and $1,267,801, Matt Amodio is now in second place for consecutive games won in Jeopardy! history!

“My name may be near Brad, Ken, and James in the record book, but I’m just glad I’m not up near them with buzzers in their hands,” Matt said. “Because we know who the real GOATs still are.”

Since the lifting of the 5-time limit in 2003, only Ken Jennings has won more consecutive games. As the first contestant to earn over a million dollars in regular-season play, Ken’s 74-game winning streak in 2004 still stands unmatched. So far.

“He’s always been the face of Jeopardy! to me,” Matt said. “So, when I think of Jeopardy! I always think of him, [and] to feel me right behind is a surreal experience.”

While Matt remains modest when it comes to discussing his record-breaking performance, he has certainly earned the bragging rights that come with being a Jeopardy! super streaker.

“Every time I win another game I feel more pressure to keep winning,” Matt said. “I kind of liked back when there were only 2 and 3 and my expectations were lower. The super streaker status, that’s a bit much.”