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J!6: The Game That Lets You Play Jeopardy!’s Extra Clues

Ever feel like 30 minutes of Jeopardy! per day isn’t enough? You’re not alone. In order to keep the Jeopardy! gameplay going after those 30 minutes are up, we created a game called J!6. J!6 gives you the chance to play the extra clue written for each day’s categories. It’s the best way to get more J! and you won’t find it anywhere else.

Here’s how it works – watch Jeopardy! and play along with the contestants. Then head to for a quick round of J!6. Select your favorite six categories, and play! It’s fast, it’s fun and it keeps the game going. Be sure to login to your MyJeopardy account and we’ll keep track of your scores and overall performance. Share with your friends and compare your scores and stats to foster a little competitive spirit. And if you still want more? Stick around to play the sixth clue from the remaining categories just for fun. 

Our thanks goes out to everyone who has played J!6 since the BETA launch in September. We’ve since fine tuned J!6 and the result is a game that’s even more fun and true to the show. 

Watch for new categories every day on Jeopardy! and play a new J!6 game every day!

Play J!6 here.