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Jeopardy! Skill 2.0 on Amazon Alexa

Lovers of the Jeopardy! skill on Amazon Alexa are already familiar with the audio format of the J!6 game, responding out loud to six extra clues from categories appearing on that day’s show. Amazon Prime subscribers now have access to six additional clues every day.

Having provided an early adopted skill for Alexa that soon became one of its most popular (more than a million players and counting!), Jeopardy! continues to be a partner in advancing Amazon’s voice platform. This season, Teen and Sports Jeopardy! editions were added, and these recent enhancements to our skill are part of Amazon’s first foray into testing subscription offers for its apps.

Non-Prime members, fear not – you can get the new Jeopardy! skill features for just $1.99 per month.

Get more details and start playing – you’ve got 12 clues today!