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Meet the 2016 Teen Tournament Contestants

Jeopardy!’s most beloved tournament is back! Don’t miss some of the country’s brightest young minds and future leaders competing for $100,000 in Washington, D.C. Meet the contestants right here, then tune in Nov. 9 through 22 to see them in action.


Leeyu Addisu: Eighth grader; Ocala, Florida

Leeyu enjoys playing piano because “you can interpret a piece of music in many different ways and express emotions.” She plans to work in the medical field someday. Another fun fact: She’s been watching Jeopardy! since she was 2 years old!



Lily Allingham: Sophomore; Wilmington, Delaware

Lily is an aspiring actress who loves participating in her school’s musicals. In the summers she works as a camp counselor. Lily’s secret to good grades is “working hard all semester.” If she’s going to binge on a TV show, her first choice is “Parks and Recreation.”



Jack Bekos: Junior; Elm Grove, Wisconsin

Jack wants to be a dermatologist and neurologist. Right now, he works at an ice cream shop and loves making a difference as a tutor. His secret to getting good grades? “Read! Reading carefully makes all the difference.”



Michael Borecki: Junior; Darien, Connecticut

Michael enjoys playing basketball with friends and plans to become an economist. He’s learned a lot about markets during his summer internships at financial firms.



Porter Bowman: Junior; Darien, Connecticut

Porter plans to build a career in politics and “would like to change what Americans usually associate with politicians.” He plays poker with friends on the weekends: “We all enjoy fun competition!”



Sabrina Duong: Sophomore; La Jolla, California

Sabrina likes “working with people and being creative” and is considering a career in business. Her tip for academic success: “The secret to getting good grades is letting your cat help you with your homework.”



Alec Fischthal: Junior; North Woodmere, New York

Alec plays tennis, golf, the flute and the alto saxophone, but his future plans are focused on a career in politics and international relations. He spends at least six hours a night on homework, causing us to wonder...when does he sleep?



Lucia Geng: Junior; Great Neck, New York

The aspiring lawyer loves playing the flute. She says, “It is challenging, rewarding and allows me to express myself in a way I can’t usually do during ‘normal’ activities.” Her secret to good grades? “Have good friends you can discuss schoolwork with.”



Apurva Kanneganti: Senior; Germantown, Tennessee

The future physician-scientist does classical Indian dance and choreographs Bollywood dance. “I really like to dance because of the hard work and passion that goes into it, and the beauty of the outcome.”



Antonio Karides: Junior; Severna Park, Maryland

Antonio hopes to be a mechanical engineer and is currently keeping busy as a lifeguard, basketball referee, and Boy Scout. He loves the outdoors and binge-watching football: “Every Sunday afternoon I disappear for 10 hours.”



Michael Kwan: Sophomore; Cupertino, California

Michael does statistical analysis on datasets and would like to follow that path to a career as a software engineer. He loves volleyball because it “requires a great amount of concentration and keeps your mind off other things.”



Emily LaMonica: Senior; Sayreville, New Jersey

Emily is an aspiring biochemical researcher. As part of a project, she monitored the effects of diet on blue crab larvae. When she’s not in the lab, she likes playing the ukulele and singing with her friends.



Sharath Narayan: Sophomore; Madison, Alabama

Sharath enjoys biology and plans to become a doctor. In his downtime, he likes to read and watch TV; his favorite show is “The Office.” His secret to getting good grades? “I just try my best every day.”


Connor Pierce: Freshman; Dallas, Texas

The Teen Tournament likely won’t be Connor’s last time in D.C.; he strives to become President of the U.S. “I have had a passion for politics for as long as I can remember.” When he’s not planning the country’s future, you can find him on the baseball field.


Jasmine Wheeler: Eighth grader; Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Jasmine plans to build a career in intelligence or politics. Her favorite extracurricular activity is Academic Challenge, and her secret to good grades is “being excited about learning.” Her preferred binge-worthy TV show? “Downton Abbey.”