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  • Rob Salerno
    Rob Salerno
    Los Angeles, California
    PREVIOUS 1-Day Winnings
    Returning Champion!
  • William Benson
    William Benson
    New York, New York
  • Nancy Schoppa
    Nancy Schoppa
    Saint Jo, Texas
    Retired High School Teacher
  • ?
    Returning Champion!
  • Vincent Valenzuela
    Vincent Valenzuela
    Wheaton Illinois
    Internal Customer Service Manager
  • Courtney Llewllyn
    Courtney Llewllyn
    New Orleans, Lousisiana
    Assistant Editor
  • ?
    Returning Champion!
  • Evelyn Rubin
    Evelyn Rubin
    Toronto, Ontario
    Family Physician
  • Jordan Boyo-Graber Ying
    Jordan Boyo-Graber Ying
    Riverdale Park, Maryland
    Associate Professor of Computer Science
  • ?
    Returning Champion!
  • Michael Pascuzzi
    Michael Pascuzzi
    Orlando, Florida
    Resale Store Manager
  • Katie Lombardo
    Katie Lombardo
    Museum Educator
    East Hills, New York
  • ?
    Returning Champion!
  • Andrew Knudsen
    Andrew Knudsen
    Washington DC
    Environmental Lawyer
  • Barbara Gooby
    Barbara Gooby
    Savannah, Georgia
    Executive Assistant

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