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  • Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones
    Aurora, Colorado
    Music Teacher
    2nd Place
    Wild Card
  • Anneke Garcia
    Anneke Garcia
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Instructional Design Consultant
    3rd Place
    Wild Card
  • Gilbert Collins
    Gilbert Collins
    Princeton, New Jersey
    University Administrator
    Today's Winnings
  • Rob Worman
    Rob Worman
    Edina, Minnesota
    Engagement Manager
  • Dhruv Gaur
    Dhruv Gaur
    Brown University
  • Rachel Lindgren
    Rachel Lindgren
    Bend, Oregon
    Astronomy Interpreter
  • James Holzhauer
    James Holzhauer
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Professional Sports Gambler
  • Alan Dunn
    Alan Dunn
    Johns Creek, Georgia
    Software Development Manager
  • Lindsey Shultz
    Lindsey Shultz
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    Physician Healthcare Analyst
  • Josh Hill
    Josh Hill
    North Little Rock, Arkansas
    Network Engineer
  • Eric R Backes
    Eric R Backes
    Round Rock, Texas
    Attorney Government Relations Professional
  • Emma Boettcher
    Emma Boettcher
    Chicago, Illinois
    User Experience Librarian
  • Ryan Fenster
    Ryan Fenster
    Seatac, Washington
    Graduate Student
  • Steven Grade
    Steven Grade
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Sports Industry Consultant
  • Francois Barcomb
    Francois Barcomb
    New Paltz, New York
    11th Grade Physics Teacher

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