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  • Dennis Coffey
    Dennis Coffey
    Old Orchard Beach, Maine
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    Returning Champion!
  • Matthew Neff
    Matthew Neff
    Chicago, Illinois
    3rd Place
  • Traci Mack
    Traci Mack
    Campbell, California
    Media Executive
    2nd Place
  • ?
    Returning Champion!
  • Steve Schiraldi
    Steve Schiraldi
    Arlington, Virginia
    Data Analyst
  • Samantha Slama
    Samantha Slama
    Los Angeles, California
    High School English Teacher
  • ?
    Returning Champion!
  • John Cuevas
    John Cuevas
    San Marcos, California
    Slot Floorperson
  • Lau Mehes
    Lau Mehes
    Vancouver, British Columbia
    Youth Substance Use Prevention Worker
  • ?
    Returning Champion!
  • Justin Weatherby
    Justin Weatherby
    New York, New York
    Business Manager
  • Christine Delorme
    Christine Delorme
    Washington, DC
  • ?
    Returning Champion!
  • Heather Nelson
    Heather Nelson
    Lake Oswego, Oregon
    Middle School Math Teacher
  • Ashwin Monian
    Ashwin Monian
    Hatfield, Pennsylvania
    Data Scientist

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