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  • John Presloid
    John Presloid
    Perrysburg, Ohio
    Heating up!3 games won
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    Total Winnings
    Returning Champion!
  • Kelsey Barcomb
    Kelsey Barcomb
    Denver, Colorado
    Biomedical Scientist
    2nd Place
  • Humzah Qureshi
    Humzah Qureshi
    Washington, DC
    3rd Place
  • John Presloid
    John Presloid
    Perrysburg, Ohio
    On a Roll!4 games won
    PREVIOUS 4-Day Winnings
    Returning Champion!
  • Haley Zapal
    Haley Zapal
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • Julie Bender
    Julie Bender
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Public Transportation Consultant
  • ?
    Returning Champion!
  • Rachel Paternomahler
    Rachel Paternomahler
    Playa Del Rey, California
  • Tim Edwards
    Tim Edwards
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • ?
    Returning Champion!
  • Aaron Lichtig
    Aaron Lichtig
    Silver Spring, Maryland
    Growth Marketer
  • Nancy Rohlen
    Nancy Rohlen
    Chicago, Illinois
    Sales Manager
  • ?
    Returning Champion!
  • Christopher Records
    Christopher Records
    Los Angeles, California
    Nonprofit Consultant
  • Steven Oppenheim
    Steven Oppenheim
    Shaker Heights, Ohio
    Supply Chain Analyst

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