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  • Mariah Minges Klusman
    Mariah Minges Klusman
    Wyncote, Pennsylvania
    12th Grade English Language Arts Teacher
    3rd Place
  • Joe Rengstorf
    Joe Rengstorf
    Poulsbo, Washington
    Middle School Special Education Teacher
    Today's Winnings
  • Julia Rosinski Bailey
    Julia Rosinski Bailey
    Austin, Texas
    10th Grade Chemistry Teacher
    2nd Place
  • Tara Baxter
    Tara Baxter
    Tucson, Arizona
    High School English Teacher
    3rd Place
  • Matthew Bunch
    Matthew Bunch
    Miami, Florida
    Middle School Civics World History Teacher
    2nd Place
  • Trevor Crowell
    Trevor Crowell
    Mountain View, California
    High School Spanish Teacher
    Today's Winnings
  • Francois Barcomb
    Francois Barcomb
    New Paltz, New York
    11th Grade Physics Teacher
    Today's Winnings
  • Alexandra Bicks
    Alexandra Bicks
    Cambridge, Massachusetts
    High School ESL Teacher
    2nd Place
  • Vicki Leibeckowsley
    Vicki Leibeckowsley
    Columbia, Kentucky
    High School English Teacher
    3rd Place
  • Sara DelVillano
    Sara DelVillano
    Lanham, Maryland
    Middle School Instrumental Music Teacher
    2nd Place
  • Melissa Okey
    Melissa Okey
    Panorama City, California
    Elementary School Resource Teacher
    3rd Place
  • Conor Quinn
    Conor Quinn
    Albany, New York
    High School World History Teacher
    Today's Winnings
  • Dave Rowswell
    Dave Rowswell
    Cheyenne, Wyoming
    High School Art Teacher
    2nd Place
    Returning Champion!
  • Benjamin  Schwartz
    Benjamin Schwartz
    Stamford, Connecticut
    Middle School English Teacher
    Today's Winnings
  • Ellie Walsh
    Ellie Walsh
    Nashville, Tennessee
    High School World History US Government Teacher
    3rd Place

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